Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Emotional overload.

I am feeling an overwhelming mix of just about every emotion at the moment.

Today was my last day at my high school.  In the morning faculty meeting I had to say goodbye to the teachers of the school.  After the meeting was finished we all had to take a picture together, in which I was in the front sitting in between the principal and vice principal.  Koreans do love their photo opps.

After the meeting I was planning on taking the bus to my new schools because my new CT requested that I go there today.  Instead, the principal insisted on bringing me himself.  The funny thing is, it wasn't just the principal that brought me, but the vice-principal joined as well.  It was kind of hilarious bring escorted to my new school with both the principal and vice-principal because naturally they walked me into the building, and then we all had tea with the new school's principal and vice principal.  I felt like a child being dropped off on the first day of school.

I was really caught off guard by these kind actions from my principal and vice-principal.  I never thought that my principal and vice-principal disliked me, but I certainly never thought they cared that much.  On the drive to my new school my principal said that "he felt like I was part of his family and if I ever miss the bus to school, I should come to the high school and they will drive me." I'm just beginning to realize how fortunate I have been over this past year.

I have so many thoughts about leaving my school and moving to elementary school, but I can't quite process it because right now my main focus is on saying goodbye to some of my best friends I have in Korea.  I can't fathom being here without them, so I'm just beyond emotionally drained at the moment and the whole new schools situation hasn't even been my top concern.  I'm going through the motions, but in no way feel like this is my new life in Korea.

I'm sure in another week I'll be able to process everything better, but right now I'm just such a mess of emotions that it's a little hard to believe that any of this is actually real.

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