Sunday, December 14, 2014

The final stretch of the semester

It's crazy to think that this semester is almost finished.  Before I know it I'll be starting my last six months in Korea...but I'm really not ready to even start thinking about that yet, so in the meantime, here is what my next two months or so look like:

December 15-24= Classes
December 20= English play competition (which has been QUITE the experience for me and will need its own post at another time)
December 26th= English camp (yes, the day after Christmas I have an 8 hour camp.  Yay?)
December 29-January 9th= deskwarming
January 10th-January 31st= VACATION!
February 2-13th= Two random and completely useless weeks of school (aka HELL for teachers)
February 18-22= China! It's official, our visas are here, flights are booked and paid for, and our hostel is reserved.  I couldn't be more excited to spend Lunar New Year in China traveling again with my partner in crime from the Chuseok Japan trip, Jen.

It's also worth noting that January will be my first time solo-traveling.  I'm feeling a little anxious about it, especially since it's going to be for such a long time, but at the moment the majority of my nerves are due to the fact that I don't have the trip planned yet.  This is mostly because it took me forever to get vacation dates from my CT (another incredibly separate and frustrating story in itself), but now I'm trying to do as much cram researching as possible.  I'm not entirely sure what my whole plan is going to be, but I will definitely be visiting Cambodia and potentially Laos as well.  Traveling through southeast Asia for three weeks by myself is somewhat overwhelming, but I know I won't really be alone considering I'll be visiting huge tourist spots and staying in hostels where I'm bound to be in the company of tons of other backpackers.

I'm really looking forward to traveling again, especially since school has been slightly (ok, extremely) frustrating lately.  I should note just about all of that frustration comes from my co-teacher and not from the students (except for sixth grade, of course.  They are still evil).  Regardless, I'm getting restless, and it's definitely time to hit the road again!

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