Monday, December 1, 2014

The first snow

Today was the first day of winter, and the weather seemed to change right in sync with the flip of the calendar.  Although the weather has had highs in the 50s for the past few weeks, today there was no doubt: winter is here.

In fact, today was the first snowfall.  It didn't accumulate to much more than a dusting, but I have to say it was beautiful...and man were the kids excited! The classes I taught were off the wall today, I think in large part because of the magic of the first snowfall.  

You can see a bit of snow on the mountains.  

A beautiful view as I waited for the bus, but man was it cold!

Mostly just a lot of mud...but you can see a bit of the snow.  
It's a bit unreal how quickly this year is going by.  As I was freezing today I kept thinking...."Wait. Wasn't that just a few weeks ago that I was sweating to death walking to school?"  

This year is truly going by freakishly fast, and it's hard to believe that the semester is going to end this month.  

Somebody please tell me how this is happening!

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