Wednesday, January 8, 2014


This is day three of my week of deskwarming.

So how's it going?

--I've nearly finished one book.
--I briefly looked over my Korean notes (yeah, I'm slacking in this department).
--I've checked facebook approximately 8763487623 times.
--I've looked at probably every webpage there is that discusses traveling in Thailand.

The highlight of my week was lunch today when I got to see my students in the cafeteria because I finally got to:
1) Have social interaction.
2) See the kids, who believe it or not, I really miss.
3) Find out what's been going on with these kids.
        In the short amount of time I spent outside of the teacher's office I was updated on:
        --plastic surgery outcomes
        --the happiness of my second graders because instead of studying until 11, second year students "only" have to study until 10 this month.
        --new hair styles

I suppose I should try being a bit more productive with my deskwarming and spend more time studying Korean and working on future lesson plans.  But here's the thing.  I've never liked studying languages.  And despite the fact that I love teaching, I hate lesson planning.

Also, my brain is all too aware of the fact that two weeks from now I will be in the warm weather enjoying the beautiful country of Thailand.  Plans are coming together, and amidst this cold weather, all I can think about is the warm sun, my feet in the sand, and some very blue water.  

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