Monday, January 20, 2014

Stranded in Bangkok

So last night I probably got a total of five hours of sleep. This morning I flew from Seoul to Hong Kong, then from Hong Kong to Bangkok. I arrived at 6:00 PM already pretty tired, but waited around until about 11 to check Megan's flight, which was due around  11:30.

Except then I saw her flight was cancelled. Not delayed. Canceled.

So naturally then I had to frantically head to the one  part of the airport that has WiFi (a coffee shop at which I had to buy a certain amount of  stuff to even access the wifi)

Megan luckily managed to get on another flight, but now she will not arrive until 6 AM.

Now, we had a hotel booked for tonight, but Megan has all the information and the room was under her name and on her credit card.

Lesson learned: get copies of all travel information from friends after stuff is booked.  You never know when you will unexpectedly get separated.

I'll be learning this the hard way as I spend tonight in the Bangkok airport. I could ask for help in finding another hotel,  but by this point by the time I get there and actually rest, Megan will be here.

I'm hoping this will just be on  of those crazy stories, and not the theme of this vacation as a whole.

Cheers, from one tired, smelly girl in desperate need of a shower and sleep.

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