Friday, February 7, 2014


My students have a WEEK of vacation?!

I went to teach my first class today and my second grade girls were moving all of their stuff to their new classrooms on the third floor.  I'm not sure who was more sad about it, me or them.  They don't want to be third graders because well, their life is going to be hell for the next year as they prepare for their college entrance exam.  However, I don't want them to be third graders because the second grade girls have been my favorite classes to teach this year.  They are so sweet and enthusiastic, and it always made my day when I got to teach them. I really think they are my favorite group of students I've ever taught, either here or in the US.

So, I sadly went back to the teacher's room when another teacher told me to come to the gym.  There was an assembly where I guess some students got awards, but I couldn't understand anything since it was all in Korean.

After that, the students grabbed their bags and left school and my supervisor told me to come because we were going to lunch.  Ummm ok!

So, after a quick lunch, I was home before noon.  Not such a bad Friday!

I'm really glad my students have some actual time off, even though I'm sure many of them will spend it studying anyway.  I'm also looking forward to having next week off, although I've had plenty of time off over the past few months.  But you can't ever really have too much time off, right?

I have friends visiting this weekend so I'm finally done posting things on here for a while!


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