Friday, February 28, 2014

Being Sick.

Well, it finally happened.  I knew it would, especially with the way I've taken very little time to rest over the past month while illnesses have run rampant around this little town.  I've spent nearly the entirety of this week sick.  I was really tired last week, which I thought might mean that my body was fighting something off.  Then after battling a stomach bug on Sunday, on Tuesday night I just started feeling terrible.  I've spent the rest of the week in bed.

I may be closer to 25 than 24 at this point, but being sick has really made me just want to be at home, laying on my couch where my parents can take care of me.  My neighbors in Jeomchon have been great about offering to help, but there is really no replacement for home when you're sick.  I love living by myself, but this would be one of the times when it has serious downfalls.

I'm REALLY hoping that when I wake up tomorrow I feel better.  I don't think I can spend another day laying in bed.  And I DEFINITELY cannot spend another day watching TV.  I think my brain is melting.

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