Tuesday, March 18, 2014

School, St. Patrick's Day, and K-Pop Dance Class

Hello all!

I feel like it's been a while since I've written anything.  I suppose that's mostly due to the fact that school is back in session so there hasn't been all that much going on.  I have to say though, it feels quite nice to be back in the routine of classes.  All is still going well with my new students.  Even on the days I don't feel like going in to school, I'm greeted by smiles and "hellos" from some completely adorable girls that it's hard to stay in any sort of a sour mood for too long.  

This past weekend I went to Seoul with another one of my friends from Jeomchon.  She asked me last month if I wanted to go on an Adventure Korea St. Patrick's Day booze cruise with her, and since I didn't have any plans, I figured why not go and see what it was like.  

We went to Seoul on Saturday morning, then got picked up on a bus with the other cruisers and headed to the port where we got on the boat.  I pretty much knew instantly that we were in some unique company.  And by unique I mean I kind of felt like I was surrounded by frat guys.  Seriously, why would a guy ever think it's going to help him win a girl over by bragging about having not read a book in 6 years?!  The sad part is that this was the second time a guy has said something like that to me since I've been in Korea. Pick up line?  Definitely not.  I don't get it.    

Anywho, despite the frat boys, we had a good time on the cruise.  We actually made friends with a group of girls from Europe (Finland, Belgium, Germany, and Denmark), who are studying abroad in Korea.  It was really cool to hang out with them, and hopefully they will come visit us in Jeomchon one of these weekends.
Beautiful sunset while we were on the boat. 

After the cruise finished the bus dropped us off at Hongdae.  At that point the subway had closed (it closes around 11:30 on the weekend)...so we had to either find a place to stay for the night or stay up until the subway opened again.  Of course we wanted to hang out with some of the people we met on the cruise, so we ended up staying up until the subway opened again at 5:30 AM.  From there we took the 7 AM bus back to Jeomchon.  Needless to say we were asleep the moment we got on the bus. 

My sleep cycle has been messed up these past few nights (gee, I wonder why!)  Consequently, it's been a little bit of a rough start to the week.  Darn you Seoul, why can't the subway stay open later than 11:30?!

Besides that not too much has been going on here.  Last night I took my first dance class since coming to Korea.  There's a dance studio in Jeomchon, and I checked it out with one of my other friends here, who also used to dance.  Although we would both prefer ballet, the only option we had was "K-Pop".  Yes, K-Pop dance class.  It's essentially hip-hop to K-Pop music.  It was fun....although not nearly as satisfying as ballet, but I need to exercise and the gym just isn't for me.  

That's about all the news here.  The weather is really warming up--in fact, I'm currently writing this with my windows wide open.  It's been in the 60s the past few days, and although temperatures will drop a bit back to the 50s over the next few days, next week it's showing it in the 60s all week.  I can't complain, especially since I know all of my friends and family back home are still enduring bitter cold weather.  

That's all for now... XO

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