Monday, May 12, 2014

It's Election Season!

It's election season here in Korea.  Local elections will be held in the beginning of June, which means that there are of course the occasional campaign billboards around the city, but by and large the most frequent method of campaigning I've seen has come from these little cards.  Candidates and their supporters can be spotted around town handing out cards at any given time. Here are the cards I've collected over the past few days:

I got the majority of these cards yesterday morning when I went to church.  Every Sunday for the past month or so, the people running for office have been camped outside of the church.  I'm not sure why they think I can vote, but I guess I appreciate the consideration?

I'm interested to see just how big this collection will get by election day.  If only I could understand more Korean, I'd really love to know what kind of campaign promises these people are inner political junkie wants to be able to follow this all better.  I mean after all, those pictures are pretty inspiring, don't you think?

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