Friday, May 23, 2014

If Korea Had Prom....

Given this is prom season back in America, when I was out of ideas for my second grade class this week, I decided why not do a prom theme.  There is no such thing as prom in Korea, so needless to say my students were amazed (and jealous) of the prom experience that American high school students have.

After I told my students about prom, they had to make a proposal for their own prom and present their ideas to class.  Afterwards, we voted for the best one.  This was highly entertaining for me because of the themes the students chose.  Here are some of my favorites:

--Harry Potter
--Vampire's Castle
--Traditional Korea
--Night Club
--Mermaid theme (girls have to dress as mermaids and boys have to dress as fish)

And last but not least:
(I should have known this would be on someone's list!)

Overall it was an interesting activity.  There are no school dances in Korea, so students are quite envious of this element of American high schools.  Who knows, maybe someday Korea will adopt the tradition of having prom as well....because who wouldn't love to go to a Frozen themed prom? ;)

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