Monday, June 2, 2014

A brief summary of the past week

Hi all!

I feel like it's been quite some time since I've updated anything, but that's because two of my friends made their way to the Land of the Morning Calm to visit for two weeks.  We're a week into their visit, and so far everything has been going well.

Here's a brief summary of what I've been up to over the past week:

--Last weekend I took a trip to Seoul with one of my friends from Jeomchon.  We went to a NANTA show (in which I was of course called up on stage for), then did A LOT of shopping.  Have I mentioned that shopping in Seoul is the BEST?!  10,000\ dresses everywhere?  Don't mind if I do.  Throw in some delicious Mexican food, and it was pretty much one of the best weekends ever.

--Sunday I parted ways with my friend and made my way to the airport to pick up Megan and Nate.  After a few hours of travel, we were finally back in Jeomchon!

--During the week Megan and Nate went of a few day trips while I was at school, then we met up for dinner afterwards.  There are so many places for them to eat and so little time!

--Thursday Megan and Nate came to school with me, but more on that later!

--Friday after school we headed to Busan for the weekend, but again...more on that later!

This is a short week of school due to election day on Wednesday and Memorial Day on Friday.  I'll be heading to Seoul again with Megan and Nate on Thursday after school and will stay there with them until they leave on Sunday morning.

I probably won't have time to update anything again until after Megan and Nate leave, but until then know that all is well over here in Korea.  With the end of the semester in sight, I'm trying to appreciate every day (even those cloudy, sleepy days like today!)

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