Thursday, May 15, 2014

Teacher's Day

The month of May is full of holidays in Korea. Not only do they have Parents' Day, but they also have Children's Day and my personal favorite thus far...Teacher's Day!

I guess that typically we wouldn't have classes on Teacher's Day.  Usually there is a big volleyball tournament that all of the Mungyeong teachers go to on this day, but since all activities were canceled in light of the Sewol Ferry accident, we had a regular class schedule today.

Although Thursday is my busiest day with six classes, there were plenty of wonderful surprises throughout the day to keep it interesting.  Before my first class this morning, one of my students came up to me with a boutonniere and pinned it to my shirt.  Then, a few of my second grade girls came up to me with a rice cake and drink along with a thank you note from their class.  Too cute.
Who doesn't like getting flowers?

When I went to my first class of crazy, rambunctious boys, they promptly greeted me with a song.  They then fed me Jello (and yes, I mean they just shoved it in my face and put an entire little container in my mouth...because who doesn't want Jello at 9 AM?)  It was a nice, and definitely unexpected beginning to the day.

When I went to my next classes, I realized the whole song thing was going to happen in every class.  Not that I minded, it was actually quite adorable.  Kind of like having someone sing happy birthday to you...a little awkward, but great all the same.

Throughout the day I received a lot of small snacks and notes from my students.  Being the sentimental person that I am, my heart was warmed by all of the small gestures.

This was from one of my second grade girls from last year.  She's now in third grade, so I was really surprised when she came to give me a gift because I don't teacher her anymore.  So thoughtful! 

My collection from the day...minus the things I already ate.  

To end Teacher's Day, we had a teacher dinner after school. Although I was less than thrilled about the menu, which contained raw fish (again), I appreciate the thought because I know raw fish is expensive.

I know we technically have Teacher's Appreciation Week in America, but Korea definitely has us beat in this department, especially considering the celebrations were seriously cut back this year.

This semester has seriously been draining my energy lately, so it was nice to feel appreciated for a day.  Although, as my students all thanked me for teaching them, I told them (and totally meant it when I said it), that I'm truly the lucky one to have the chance to get to teach such great kids.  With only a few more months left at my school, I'm trying to appreciate every day with these kids who will always have a very special place in my heart.

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