Sunday, December 15, 2013


Today my friend and I finally made it to a Roman Catholic church.  Of course, we thought mass was at 11, but it turns out it's at 10:30 (we think).  Communication barriers often lead to situations like this.  Regardless, it's good to know that we have a church so close to us.  And the beautiful thing about the Catholic church is even though we can't understand the Korean words they're saying, we know what's going on during the mass because it's the same no matter where you in the world.

In other news, this has been a somewhat strange weekend for me on account of it being Nutcracker weekend back home.  Performing in The Nutcracker is always one of the absolute highlights of my holiday season, and it feels somewhat surreal to be missing it.  I really miss dancing, but again, I just have to remind myself that my time in Korea is limited, and I have to make some sacrifices to gain the experiences I'm having here.

However, last night was another lovely night in Jeomchon full of holiday movies and good friends.  If I can't be home with those I love performing in Nutcracker, I'm thankful that I have good friends and holiday festivities here to maintain the spirit of the season.

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