Saturday, April 19, 2014

A hidden gem in Jeomchon

Despite the fact that I've been living in Jeomchon for 8 months now, I'm constantly amazed by how much I still don't know.  For example, I had no idea we had places to hike only ten minutes away from our apartment building, but sure enough, we do.  My friend Jen was nice enough to show me the way to a mountain in our neighborhood this morning.

The entrance to Dondal Mountain(돈달산)  is less than ten minutes away from our place, and although it's not the largest mountain, the whole way to the top is pretty much just all stairs.  It's a short hike, but certainly enough to wake your legs up and make you realize that you're pretty out of shape.  Not that I'm out of shape at all.....  ;)

At the top is a great view of Jeomchon. Although it was cloudy this morning, we still had a beautiful sight to see. 

Panoramic view

On our way down we stopped by a temple that is at about the halfway point of the mountain.  There were people in the temple, and we could hear some of the Buddhist chants in progress.  Pretty interesting to hear, and definitely something that you don't typically stumble across when you're hiking back in the US.

On our walk back to our apartment we stopped to look at some of the flowers that are in bloom all over the place.  I absolutely love the fact that there are so many beautiful flowers EVERYWHERE right now, and I especially love that so many of these flowers are purple! Just fantastic.

Beautiful purple flowers everywhere!

I love these trees! Kind of similar looking to the cherry blossoms, but the flowers are different. 

Love these flowers!

Just look at those colors!

Flowers like these are everywhere right now.  I love the way they grow between the rocks.

Overall, I had a great start to my day.  I'll definitely be returning to this mountain again--perhaps with a book on a sunnier and warmer day.  Jeomchon may be small, but I still am discovering new wonderful things all the time. 

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