Friday, September 6, 2013

Brilliant Korea Presents: Banana Milk

As I keep this blog, I want to keep track of all of the wonderful little things about living in Korea.  They're the simple things that make me think, "Hey, why don't we have this in the US?"

This, my friends, is banana milk.

I first bad banana milk on the day I met my co-teacher.  On our ride from Gumi to Jeomchon, we stopped at a rest area and while I insisted I didn't need anything, my co-teacher wasn't going to let me get away with getting nothing. She grabbed some banana milk and a bag of Snickers for me, and we were on our way.

Now, I am not a milk lover by any means.  As in, I avoid drinking milk at any cost.  However, I love bananas, and this is delicious.

I have no idea if there is actually real milk in banana milk. I also don't know how loaded with other sorts of crap it is (one of the good/bad things about being in Korea is that I can't read the nutrition facts on labels).  However, I really don't care because banana milk is a total win.

Nice work, Korea.

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